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  • Kem is a Warsaw based queer feminist collective focused on choreography, performance and sound at the interface with social practice. Through experimental formats and community building, Kem engages in critical intimacy and queer pleasure. 

    Kem is characterised by hybridity and fluidity, blurring the boundaries between art, curating, education, activism, clubbing and community-making practices. It is a community created in the process of collaboration and engagement with the politics of embodiment, affect and subjectivity in relation to collectivity. Kem experiments with formats and strengthens queer, feminist and anti-racist artistic practices and discourses.

    Amongst other projects, Kem organized Dragana Bar and initiated the Queer Ecologies Reading Circle as a part of their one year residency Three Springs at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, in 2018-2019;
    and Kem Care, the first queer feminist programme at the Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, also in 2018. Kem is currently devising a year-long experimental education programme for queer and feminist practices in Warsaw (2021-2022).

    Kem programme team:
    Alex Baczyński-Jenkins
    Krzysztof Bagiński 
    Ola Knychalska
    Ania Miczko 

    Kem School Coordinator:
    Julia Celejewska

    School programme development:
    Alex Baczyński-Jenkins 
    Ola Knychalska 
    Katarzyna Słoboda
    Julia Morandeira

    Organisation development:
    Kasia Właszczyk 

    Social Media and translation:
    Tosia Leniarska 

    In-house graphic designer:
    Sasha Goluk 

    Organisation advisor:
    Natalia Sarata