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  • Juicing Your Hole

    Workshop with Geo Wyeth

    5-9 March 2018

    A workshop for queer identified and/or queer friendly people with an interest in the grain and politics of the voice, the power of music and sound, and performance.

    The voice as witness to feeling and as the means of relaying internal sensation to the public, the voice as a gathering device, as a means of giving an account of experience and calling and responding to others.

    Workshop participants will vocalize and create an ensemble convergence of solo performances, drawing on the personal and employing techniques of direct address, call-and-response, improvisation, interruption, and sequence. Using sad pop songs as starting points, participants will carry a load through their throats, witness each other, and push through notions of “proper” singing or mastery as a means of honing varied complexities of expression. Those involved should be prepared to move and open. This workshop is conducted by FTM artist Geo Wyeth and is open to to folks of all genders who respect and appreciate queer or gender non-conforming identified people.