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  • Male Breast Feeding

    Workshop with Antonija Livingstone 

    19–23 February 2018

    This workshop, Male Breast Feeding, takes an act that is usually thought of as the maternal act of care for a child and detaches this embodiment of love from gender, sex and relations of reproduction.

    Taking the act of breastfeeding as a potential script of radical tenderness and co-dependency to be queerly re-distributed, the workshop will move through various scores of queer somatics and optics.

    Through the workshop, we will try out how to produce other embodiments, relations and constellations of care. Male Breast Feeding is a queer method open to all bodies and especially welcoming to LGBTQ+.

    SIGNING UP: The workshops are geared towards those with a visual arts practice or performance practice, activists, as well as any other allies who are interested in pursuing experiences in queering embodiments. In order to register for the workshops please send a short writing on why you are interested in taking part to: