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  • Queer ecologies reading circle #2

    organised as a part of the exhibition “Views 2019 – Deutsche Bank Award” at Zachęta National Gallery in Warsaw

    June – July 2019

    During the meetings of reading circle at Zachęta, the selection of texts will concern the performatics of language and will focus on moments of linguistic: violence, tenderness, pleasure and expressing resistance in the context of the current public debate on minorities in Poland. During the meetings, we will read texts by authors such as: Sara Ahmed, Reni Eddo-Lodge and Judith Butler. The reading circle will be an extension of the topics discussed in the performance “Droga Osobo Czytająca” [Dear Reading Person] prepared by Kem for the opening of the exhibition “Views 2019 – Deutsche Bank Award” at Zachęta National Gallery.

    The Queer ecologies reading circle is a series of meetings organized by Kem, during which we read aloud and discuss texts together. The field of queer ecologies is rooted in pink and green politics and is a response to the current demand for critical and intersectional thinking and actions torwards: environment, race, sexuality, class and gender.

    Meetings will be held in Polish.

    The reading circle is part of the Views 2019 – Deutsche Bank Award, with the participation of the artists: Tomasz Kowalski, Gizela Mickiewicz, Dominika Olszowy and Liliana Piskorska
    curator: Michał Jachuła
    collaboration: Maria Świerżewska