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    Podcast by Szymon Adamczak and Richard John Jones

    23rd and 25th of December 2020

    A reading encounter for six voices about living and dying in a pandemic. “Unbecoming = undying” is a two-part audio journey of a number of key texts and statements bearing witness to the personal and collective experiences relating to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Moving between the forms of podcast, rehearsal, and discussion, “Unbecoming = Undying” follows a live gathering of friends and peers re-voicing source texts and reflecting on their affective, personal and political resonance today. The selection of texts is born out of research into the AIDS journal genre and is accompanied by excerpts from zines, artists’ books and catalogues. The editorial work began remotely whilst in quarantine and these conditions are echoed both practically and theoretically throughout the production process.

    Through the act of reading together, “Unbecoming = Undying” touches on themes of LGBTQ militancy, mobilisation, kinship, the intimate experience of illness, systemic exclusion, and how movement, migration, and the passing of time shape our understanding of these. A virus has been transmitted, not HIV but the virus of writing and reading aloud.

    Editing and Production: Szymon Adamczak, Richard John Jones
    Featuring texts by: Karen Finley, Elizabeth A. Povinelli, Danez Smith, Gregg Bordowitz, AA Bronson, Carué Contreiras, Guillaume Dustan, Keith Haring, Essex Hemphill, Derek Jarman, Joezine, Larry Kramer, Eric Michaels, David WojnarowiczCommissioned by Kem, a queer feminist Warsaw-based collective. The project is financed by the Capital City of Warsaw as part of the ‘Centrum Jasna’ program.
    Readers: Hrafnhildur Helgadóttir, Mavi Veloso, Maurits de Bruijn, Matthew Docherty
    Mix: Krzysztof Bagiński

    ❈ Szymon Adamczak is an artist, writer, organizer and performance maker. Alumni of DAS Theatre in Amsterdam. In his practice he draws from the legacy of activism, art and literature that emerged in response to the ongoingness of HIV/AIDS. Szymon is interested in queer thought, transformative encounters and the complex lyricism of the everyday. He runs a research platform POLISH EIDS and is a trainee at the European AIDS Treatment Group program for HIV ambassadors.

    ❈ Richard John Jones is an artist based in Amsterdam. His recent work originating in performance, considers the relationship between the body and machine, both in a contemporary and historical context, through research and source material. These themes emerge through his interest in queer subjectivity, unassimilatable practices, identities, and the process of historical erasure. http://rjj.website.

    ❈ Hrafnhildur Helgadóttir is an artist, archivist and a teacher at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam. She is one of the co-founders of the art collective HARD-CORE (2011-2020) and a board member of Slow Research Lab. She would like to live to see the end of capitalism. http://hrafnhildurhelgadottir.info.

    ❈ Mavi Veloso – hailing from the Brazilian Highlands, currently based in Amsterdam, Mavi is a chameleon and likes to do trannycrafts, confusing, questioning, delighting and enlightening our minds while we dance. Transdisciplinary by essence, she explores performativity, the relationship between artist and audience, trans feminism, decolonization, gender politics, sexual anxiety, survival, resistance, resilience and empowerment. maviveloso.com.

    ❈ Maurits de Bruijn is the author of two novels (Brother and Behind the Sun) and one work of nonfiction Not Only Your Holocaust, that was published in 2020. He writes think pieces for Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant and is the editor of online art magazine Mister Motley. His recurring themes include collective memory, trauma, queerness and identity. https://mauritsdebruijn.com.

    ❈ Matthew Docherty is a chancer, a dancer, an apish self-romancer, Matthew Docherty is a Nature Boy at heart. Now in his early thirties, he spends the days navigating a sea of ever-expanding Apophenia, pondering a proclivity for pandering to puerility. He, too, would like to live to see the end of capitalism.

    ❈ Krzysztof Bagiński is a Warsaw-based artist working across sound, film and performance. He is currently enrolled in the postgraduate programme at the Dutch Art Institute. Bagiński is co-founder and member of Kem.

    The project is financed by the Capital City of Warsaw as part of the ‘Centrum Jasna’ program.